Inori is an honor student in a witches’ school. In order to pass her final exam to graduate, she has to make a “love potion.” In order to make that “love potion,” Inori lives in the same house with Aoi, in hopes to get him to fall in love with her (required for the “love potion.”) The only problem is they don’t get along at all! So how will Inori get Aoi to love her when he’s always picking on her?!

Title: Watashi no + Okusuri
Mangaka: TAKAMIYA Satoru
Genre: Fantasy, Shoujo
Length: 1 volume (complete)
Released: chapter 1

Scanner: Lila
Translator: Asahina
English-Proofreader: Afro-chan
Editors: Melona && Lila
Quality Checkers: Lila && Melona

Chapter 1: released download
Chapter 2: editing
Chapter 3: in progress
Chapter 4: in progress
Chapter 5: in progress
< end >


14 Responses to “Watashi no + Okusuri”

  1. Ai Says:

    Wah thanks for translating this manga >w<
    I love you guys~~

  2. erea Says:

    First of all, than you for translating this manga!
    I love it ><
    Second, I`m for the spanish translation group La Noche de los Caidos, and was only for tell you that we´ve just begun Watashi no + Okusuri.
    Than you for lend us your translation!

  3. erea Says:

    Ah, and, have you a banner?

  4. TK201 Says:

    Nice work translating this manga, it was very clean and easy to read. more power to you guys ^^

  5. aki Says:

    woah super cute manga X”D

    Thanks you for your release :X

    always wait your new chapter X”D

  6. Octavia Says:

    Keep up the good work since i think the manga is promising.

  7. Ofunu Says:

    when are you releasing next chapter? it has been a long time since the first release, 4 months already, it’s a good manga so please release next chapter soon

  8. eva Says:

    waahh, I like this manga very much!! desu desu XP
    so funny, but what happend with this guy? desu.
    the playboy are like devil in heaven {-.-}

  9. Soraya Says:

    Thank you for this lovely manga!!!
    It’s so kawaii!!!!

  10. YukiiCherii Says:

    I really in love with this manga,,,, Thnx That you guys translate it and so,, but i’ve just got a question… when will chapter 2 be translated?

    Love yah all,,

  11. mindi Says:

    thank you very much for your hard work.
    when will you release a new chapter?

  12. Rukia-chan♥ Says:

    Oh my! Thanks so much for releasing this series! * U * Also, thanks for your hard work you guys! Wooot! I really do love this series and can’t wait for some more action 😀 I gotta say, Satoru’s manga is AMAZING * O * I’ve read almost all of her scanlated manga and it’s totally great! Thanks for scanning this series! ♥ Keep up the great work :]

  13. Lucy Says:

    when are you going to finish translating chapter 5?

  14. Deneb Glecca Says:

    please update sooooon! i’m sooo eager to know the chapter five T-T please update sooooon >.<

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