From Baka-Updates:
Contains one main story, and a few oneshots. Story 1 – A girl who has always put study as her main life, has now started to want a boyfriend. But will her high scores make the guy she likes, feel inferior…? And that guy seems to be the ex of the most popular girl at school! Is he really a player…?!

Title: Study
Mangaka: TAKASUKA Yue
Genre: School Life, Shoujo
Length: 1 volume (complete)
Released: none 😡

Scanner: Lila
Translator: none
Japanese-Proofreader: none
English-Proofreader: Lila
Editors: Naomi
Quality Checkers: Lila && Melona

Story 1: cleaning
Story 2: scanning&cleaning
Story 3: in progress
< end >


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