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Kanori makes a new friend on her first day at a new school, Kazumi, and she decides to participate in a group date with her new best friend. Each leaves the place with a partner. But while Kazumi is head over heels with her new boyfriend, Kanori isn’t feeling anything as special…

Title: I’m With Her (Ano Ko to Issho)
Mangaka: FUJISUE Sakura
Genre: Shoujo
Length: 12 volume (ongoing)
Released: volume 1 chapters 0-3

Scanner: Melona
Translator: Fuwari (JShojo)
English-Proofreader: Sanedenial (JShojo) && Lila
Editors: Setsuken Fuwari (JShojo) && Lila
Quality Checker: Fuwari (JShojo) && Lila

Volume 1: >>download<<
Chapter 1: released >>download<<
Chapter 2: released >>download<<
Chapter 3: released >>download<<
Chapter 0: released >>download<<
Extra: released >>download<<

Volume 2:
Chapter 4: scanning, translating
Chapter 5: in progress
Chapter 6: in progress
Chapter 7: in progress
Extra: in progress

Volume 3: in progress
Volume 4: in progress
Volume 5: in progress
Volume 6: in progress
Volume 7: in progress
Volume 8: in progress
Volume 9: in progress
Volume 10: in progress
Volume 11: in progress
Volume 12: in progress

SMO Project is translating it into Italian.


One Response to “Anoko to Issho”

  1. thanks for translating this, I look for it desperately since Entropy drop it *cry cry*, I just need to know that you guys are still working on this, I can wait so please take your time XD

    Again, thanks~~

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