With finals coming up, the this might be the only release for now, but who knows, we might be able to sneak more in as well. If not, then we’ll mass release the rest of the chapters in a few weeks 😛 We’re almost caught up anyways because this series is only up to chapter 11 right now.

Thank you 3829 for translating this even during finals week! Visit their site here.

Get the release on its project page here.



So… over five years later, Royal Alliance is making a comeback hopefully and today we have a new series called The Evening Red Shadow: Heart’s Wound. It’s a webtoon manhua by iLEGUO. We’ve teamed up with 3829 to bring this release so check out their site and other projects as well!

For now, this is the only series we’ll be working on but hopefully there’s more to come. There’s a couple of series I have in mind, but it’s going to require a lot of work, so not sure if I’ll be able to pick them up. But even if anything, I don’t intend on picking up anything long or current right now just because I don’t want to end up disappeared again.

Anyways, enjoy the release for now! There should be more to come soon 🙂

Thanks for being patient with Royal Alliance~