Royal Alliance was by Lila and Melona on March 13, 2008 and had its first release on September 5, 2008. It is currently run by Lila.

If there are any questions, or applicants for being a staff, or anything, e-mail

Below are the lists of the hosts we’ve given permission to:
Evil Empire
Manga Rebels


One Response to “About”

  1. Flakizz Says:

    Okay so umm.. well… for one of your projects which is Toki Nazumi, Futari Nazumu. we’ve already started working on it well i have i’ve nly cleaned like 2 chapters it’s still in need of a translator though and well idk as i see in your projects you have the our project there and it says scanner so i don’t know if you have already bought the manga and scanned it for reals i wouldn’t mind a joint or anything ^^ and well concerning your other prjects such as Watashi no + Okusuri and Otome no Sainou i have found raws to them please tell me in your reply if you’d like them~

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