I’m With Her ch3+0

March 1, 2009

Finally a release ^^ After…almost four months, but today we have a double release for you. It’s I’m With Her chapter 3 and 0. Chapter 0 is just a side story that focuses on Mii and features Kouta back when he was in middle school. Anyways, the releases are up for grabs at the project’s page. Just go to Projects on the top and click on I’m With Her’s cover.

Regarding Watashi no + Okusuri, uh, yeah. It’ll be released later on..some time very later on. 😡

We’re looking for editors if anyone’s interested. Just e-mail rl.alliance@gmail.com


7 Responses to “I’m With Her ch3+0”

  1. Artemis Says:

    I continue to wait for Watashi no Okusuri 😦
    Thank you for the new chapters, in any way

  2. Ninna Says:

    oh my! Are you serious?
    I thought I would never be able to see “I’m with her” again…I was so sad when Entropy dropped it.. and now you guys are picking it up!!!!yayyyyyyyy
    I’m so happy!!!
    Thank you guys from Royal Alliance!!! I want to hug you!!! hehe
    Thanks so much!
    People who doesn’t know about this manga should try to reat it! Such a good manga!
    Thank you guys..thank you!!!

  3. Salad Says:

    Wow i Occasionally check up from time to time only to be surprised that you actually updated! I am still waiting for Watashi No Okusuri because the characters are so Kyuute~!

  4. swtess Says:

    Thank you for releasing I’m With Her. I thought the series went poof when Entropy decided to drop.

  5. aenie Says:

    i really love Watashi no + Okusuri so i cant wait for its 2nd chapter in english translataion i dont speak español(thats the result in google when i search Watashi no + Okusuri chapter 2) im Filipina from Philippines so i cant understand others country dialect except english. im very excite about thier cute/kawaii story… please please make the 2nd chapter.. even it takes 1 year im willing to wait… :cries:

  6. caidos Says:

    Are you still alive?

  7. shobeh Says:

    ll continue w8ting for the watashi no okusuri
    i really 2x love it ….. plss release a soon as possible cz im really 2x excited………

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